Leaven & Co.
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Drawing on millennia of craft baking heritage from across the globe, we bring the finest breads and baked goods to the discerning New York chef.

Our team of bakers work tirelessly to create new products and passionately to improve upon existing recipes. It is this dedication to craft that has secured our reputation as one of New York's foremost bakeries. Chefs who partner with Leaven and Companions will:

  • Discover innovative products brought to New York from the West Coast and from Europe
  • Benefit from wholly-owned and flexible distribution through our 20 local routes
  • Collaborate on new products crafted specifically for their menus
  • Rest easy in the knowledge that their product will be delivered as ordered and on-time
  • Gain access to a best-in-class food safety facility

More than anything we understand the challenges that chefs face on a daily basis and strive to create solutions quickly and efficiently


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T  718.472.3036

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